NSRC team provides RTL Logic Design services for FPGA or SOC for its customers worldwide. Applying latest industry standards, NSRC formulate and document coding for RTL Designs. We have in-depth expertise in Front-end RTL Design and SOC integration for a variety of industry verticals.

Our team of design engineers have in-depth experience in various aspects of the RTL design flow on chips used in the networking, processors, multimedia, mobile and automotive industries. NSRC knows how to balance current designs along with standard IPs and with more than 10+ years of experience on designs going up to multi-million gates, has made it a respected name in the industry with a reputation as the leading RTL design services provider for highly complex designs.

Our RTL Design team has an in-depth detailed understanding of RTL design, synthesis, static timing analysis, formal verification, PLDRC, clock domain crossing, and low power techniques. They closely collaborate with architecture team to define micro-architecture for various blocks of DSP core, develop RTL for multiple logic blocks of a DSP core and sub-system for SoC integration, run various frontend tools to check for linting, clock domain crossing, work with physical design team on design constraint and timing closure, work with low power team on power optimization and work with verification team to collaborate on test plan, coverage plan, and coverage closure. They are experienced in latest RTL languages and tools, including: simulation systems (e.g. Modelsim, VCS), static timing tools (e.g. Prime Time) and synthesis tools (e.g. Design Compiler, Physical Compiler).




  • The academic education provides a student with strong fundamentals, but the students lack the relevant technical skills required by the industry. This forms gap in achieving right carrier in industry, we at NSRC perfectly understand this gap and are focusing on this need by providing technological skills for the aspiring young engineers in bridging the gap between Academic and Industry.
  • NSRC is right place to get trained, and bridge this gap through training with real time experienced faculty. During the last Ten years we have worked closely and monitored IT industries trends and have clearly understood the expectations of the industry and the short comings in the prospective employees. This enabled us to constantly monitor the learning curve of the students and map the same to the industry requirements.

All these requirements combined with the well planned course structure, labs and course assignments, helps the students to gain all important skills and technologies in VLSI and Embedded domain. The industry standard final projects add required knowledge of understanding the entire project life cycle followed in industries. In addition to the technical skills, we also teach effective writing and communication skills along with the presentation techniques to produce industry ready professionals with required attitude and good learning aptitude.

Training Certification The students who have successfully completed the choosen course will be issued a certificate by NSRC [AN ISO Certified Company] The certification will be purely based on performance in the course assignment, attendance, punctuality, analytical and verbal skills, project presentation etc.


Our expertise ranges from design of companion FPGA with a few hundred gates to SoC designs with FPGA.

NSRC FPGA development team is capable of delivering fully validated ready to deploy FPGA solutions based on a set of requirements from the customer. Our expertise ranges from design of companion FPGAs with a few hundred gates to SoC (System on Chip) designs with multi-million gates FPGAs.

  • FPGA design and synthesis for custom specifications. FPGA design for memories, memory controllers, bus interfaces, multiplexers, FIFOs and other functional blocks in a system for modeling/simulation and functional verification.
  • Intellectual Property (IP) development: Custom logic development and FPGA synthesis for on-board components used in boards designed for specific end use e.g. network cards, audio/video interfaces, device controllers, etc.
  • System-on-Chip designs and implementation of standards
  • Proof-of-concept: ASIC verification in FPGA
  • Translation services (Re-targetting)
      ASIC –to-FPG
  • Architecture design
  • HDL coding
  • Building test benches and test automation scripts for FPGA verification
  • Functional and Timing Verification
  • Functional and Timing Verification
  • Validation on hardware platform
  • NSRC Advantages
    • NSRC leverages its extensive expertise in hardware & software work partitioning for optimum performance and cost
    • Experience in low, medium and high complexity designs
    • In house board and software development teams for building validation boards and test software
    • Well established and proven design methodologies & review processes
    • Long term support contract for product maintenance and enhancements