The life of an intern has been described in many ways, and none of them is rosy. It is imperative to take up an internship, go through the hardships to have a bright career. As an intern, you tend to learn more than you would while working. Secondly, experience matters! Your experience as an intern may always land you a job.

The job market is pretty competitive, and if you don’t have any experience to show, you may be rejected at the stage of resume shortlisting. The best way to gauge some experience is through an internship. An intern grows during his/her tenure at the company.

Here’s why an internship is right and a must for every student to develop their career.


Gives you experience

As a student, an internship is your first brush with corporate culture and the kind of work that gets done there. Internship happens to be your first ever work, and it gives you hands-on experience into the life that you are planning. With the help of an internship, you would know in-depth about your industry and the kind of work it does. It helps you meet new people, build your network, get to know more about your industry and work. You will be given proper training, and you will need to work without the pressure of deadlines, thus giving you quality time to learn all the ropes of your trade.

Build your network

An intern is introduced to new people, and even to office parties and corporate functions. Yes, this is your dream chance not just to prove yourself but also make your network that will help you progress. An intern can easily talk to strangers, get to know more people within the system, and have professional relationships with them. This is your big chance to network with people, and get some professionals on your list. It will help you get work in the near future.

Builds your resume

Every resume needs a good experience marked on it. The internship is your classy gateway into getting a good work experience aboard your resume. Yes, with the right internship at the right place, you have a lot to say on your resume, and inspire the people reading to take you up. If you have worked hard in your internship and built the right network, you would be able to showcase your talent in the resume to get a chance to connect with the interviewer. It is all about your presentation skills, your knowledge and the ability to showcase what you have learnt that will get you the job. A good internship will give you the interview chance.

Intern to employee

A good intern can be consumed by the company as an employee. A lot of companies offer pre-placement offers to their interns if they are impressed with what they have seen during the tenure of the internship. This would be a huge chance, as it will not just give you a real job but also make sure you have a career worthy profile.

Know yourself

As an intern, you will know your flaws, your strengths, and even know what your limits are. You will be able to understand your potential better and know your ways of working more deeply with internships.

A good internship helps you grow and mature into what the corporate culture demands. It is always good to have a hands-on experience of the same.